SOTA Collectible Artbook : Last Books Available

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SOTA ‘State of the Art’  SOTA, A COLLECTIBLE ARTBOOK: 220 pages, 26 cm x 33.4 cm (10 x 13 inches), 1.8 kg, English text, hardcover SOTA stands for State Of The Art, representing a high-end, unique collection of artworks featuring pieces from 12 internationally renowned artists. A Digital Art Anthology featuring:  Marc BRUNNET, Ryan CHURCH, Jonny DUDDLE, Nathan FOWKES, Goro FUJITA, Simon GOINARD, Raphaël LACOSTE, Bastien LECOUFFE DEHARME, Nikolai LOCKERTSEN, Ian MCQUE, Jean-Baptiste MONGE, Marc SIMONETTI   LESS THAN 50 […]

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